Stayify - the digital sales core for travel brands.

Our platform is built on a state-of-the-art architecture that allows it to be embedded seamlessly into any brand experience or sales process. Furthermore, Stayify is fully compatible with leading customer experience technologies due to its architecture.

With our platform, businesses can offer their customers a complete and enhanced travel experience, while streamlining and simplifying the booking process.

Scalable and fast to implement

Stayify provides a single booking engine that is completely standardised and configurable.

We offer both benefits of using a platform (montly updates, new feature-releases etc.) while offering complete freedom for customer-facing implementation.

With Stayify, time to market is measured in weeks, instead of months or even years for custom solutions.

Stayify cuts costs up to 98% compared to custom-solutions. 

Stayify is a true multi-tenant platform running on Microsoft Azure with automatic and distributed scaling.


Fast time to market

How to sell more with Stayify

Make shopping fun and 
easy for customers

Sell everything

Package and 
bundle in new ways

One brand experience throughout

Buying travel services should be fully incorporated with the brand experience – for all services. Our technology is fully embeddable and gives full control of styling to the merchant. 

Furthermore, Stayify is built using open API:s so that customers can also build own sales processes and front-ends. 

Sell anything in one transaction

Stayify sales process is built to support selling all types of travel services in a single transaction. The end-customer can build a dream vacation and book everything at once.

Package in new ways

Merchants can freely build packages that combine different services in new and exciting travel packages that are easy to buy for customers by simply adding to the booking cart. Availability, pricing and services from different systems and sub-suppliers are automatically consolidated. The solution distributes bookings between all parties involved, including financial statements and payment flows.

Local payments globally

Country-specific payments are offered as part of Stayify’s core platform through Stripe. Furthermore, different services can be sold with different payment methods and terms. Split payment, pay at arrival and invoicing is fully supported as well.


Up-sell, cross-sell and customisation

Tie up-sell and cross-sell to experiences

Stayify offer tools to merchant to do up-sell and cross-sell per experience, which means that customers receive relevant services when they are booking. Systematic cross-sell lead to dramatic growth of revenue per customer.

Customise the customer journey

Stayify provides a ready-made front-end that can be implemented on any site. Customers can also build completely customised front-ends and sales processes


Connect systems, partners and customise how you sell

Connect all relevant systems

Stayify is a composable commerce platform, which means that it can be freely combined with other leading customer experience technologies. Stayify has an open approach to providing data and integrations so that a suitable technology stack can be used. 

Stayify build integrations to leading systems as part of the core platform that can easily be deployed.

Bring your own integration

Stayify also provide an open approach to building your own integration to needed back-end systems and other services.

We offer to our clients a ready-made Azure Function Integration app including source code that utilise Stayify’s REST API:s for availability, pricing, bookings and payments. This can be used as a base for developers to build their own integrations.

Connect supply networks

Experiences that are sold through your brand can be composed of own services as well as suppliers’ services.

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