Hotel de Sterrenberg - Dutch Hotel of The Year 2023

Hotel Sterrenberg is an exclusive adults-only 4-star wellness hotel located in Otterlo on the Veluwe. Offering 39 modern and luxurious rooms, extensive wellness facilities, and the award-winning Michelin guide restaurant, Cèpes.

Enjoy luxury on the Veluwe during your stay at Hotel de Sterrenberg. With us you can enjoy a luxurious and spacious hotel room, an extensive wellness facility, a culinary restaurant and the beautiful surroundings.

Business challenges that Sterrenberg faced

Hotel de Sterrenberg’s business challenge revolves around optimizing its online booking engine for seamless integration with its website. The key objectives include:

  • Ease and Intuitiveness: Develop a user-friendly booking process inside the website with intuitive features for a smoother booking process.
  • Clear Presentation of Packages: Display packages and offers in a concise and compelling manner for easy customer decision-making.
  • Brand Alignment: Ensure the booking engine is fully configurable to reflect the hotel’s brand identity and visual outlook, meeting specific business objectives.
  • Direct Visibility to Availability: Eliminate the need for customers to navigate separate systems by providing direct visibility into room availability.
  • Smart Calendar Functionality: Implement a calendar that automatically excludes dates with no available results, preventing customer errors during booking.
  • Integration of Accommodation and Restaurant Slots: Move beyond room reservations to integrate accommodation availability with restaurant slots, enabling customers to book their entire experience in advance.

Solution provided by Stayify

Hotel de Sterrenberg resolved its booking engine challenges by implementing Stayify’s advanced solution:

  • Integrated Website Experience: Stayify’s booking engine seamlessly integrates with the hotel’s website, coupling offers and bookings while supporting the brand identity.
  • Unified Back-End Systems: Stayify connects all back-end systems, integrating with the MEWS PMS for accommodation management. Future integration with the restaurant system ensures a single transaction experience without manual steps.
  • Flexible Payments: Stayify offers diverse payment methods for enhanced customer convenience, such as iDEAL, credit cards, Google Pay and Apple Pay.
  • Calendar Precision: The solution ensures precise calendar matches, displaying accurate availability and offers in one centralized location.
  • Comprehensive Availability Display: Stayify showcases all room-specific options and associated offers for informed decision-making.

Through this collaboration, Hotel de Sterrenberg delivers a streamlined and user-friendly online booking experience, aligning with its commitment to service excellence.

“Thanks to Stayify, we have a fresh approach to selling online, and the impact on our business has been nothing short of remarkable.

Stayify has truly transformed our online business since its launch.

We’ve experienced a significant boost in total sales, with a remarkable uptick in web sales that has exceeded our expectations – both average booking value and as well as total number of booking through our website has surged impressively. 

Stayify now plays a substantial role, contributing significantly to our overall sales.”

Liset Bom, Director
Hotel de Sterrenberg

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