Cahkal Hotel - At the gates of wilderness

Opened in 2022, Cahkal Hotel is a luxurious boutique and experience hotel located 400 km above the arctic circle at the very northwesternmost point of Finland.

Perfect for experiential travellers who seek unforgettable experiences and relaxed luxury in a totally unique and pure arctic wilderness setting.

At the heart of the concept is superior quality and customer service: the combination of five star rooms, a first-rate sauna-experience with high quality restaurant and top-notch activities through multiple suppliers.

Business challenges that Cahkal faced

After opening, Cahkal Hotel faced numerous challenges with, where the tools used did not provide adequate support for Cahkal Hotel’s business & customer service.

  • The booking engine used didn’t support the wide variety of services available.
    Cahkal was forced to implement multiple customer facing sales systems (separate systems for rooms, activities and restaurant)
  • This made selling online burdensome and packaging/bundling of the services practically impossible
  • Cahkal also lacked the capabilities to fulfil the requirements of partners (sub-suppliers) and B2B clients, such as tour operators
  • Scattering information across multiple systems hindered the implementation of sales reinforcement systems like marketing automation.



Implementing Stayify’s modern SaaS service allows Cahkal to improve customer service and to sell their complete offering (including activities, transfers etc.) with one process & cart.

  • Now Cahkal is able to sell their complete service offering including accomodation, activities, restaurant, transfers and other services through one platform, process & cart
  • Cahkal has complete freedom to package & bundle, create offers, season-special or holiday packages etc.
  • This includes the services provided by partners (sub-suppliers), which can be included in bundles/packages or sold separately while automation handles relevant processes (orders, availabilities etc.)
  • Separate service for b2b clients is on the way, along with numerous other improvements to sales & customer service!



“We are super happy with Stayify. We have barely been able to scratch the surface of the possibilities with Stayify but already we are benefitting from the wide range of features & possibilities”

Niina Hepo-Oja, COO @ Cahkal Hotel

Niina Hepo-Oja, COO
Cahkal Hotel

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