Stayify – Certified MEWS Integration Partner

We are excited to share the news that Stayify has achieved certification as a MEWS integration partner, marking a significant advancement in the travel tech space. Now available in the MEWS marketplace for MEWS customers, Stayify brings a host of innovative features:

  • Extending MEWS Capabilities: Stayify empowers hotels to seamlessly sell their offerings through their branded websites, integrating services from MEWS with other systems for a simple and cohesive booking experience into a single transaction.
  • Sell Anything: Stayify’s built-in support covers a wide range of travel services, allowing hotels to sell rooms, activities, excursions, and transfers with unmatched flexibility.
  • Intelligent Cross-/Up-Selling: Stayify takes cross-/up-selling to new heights with intelligent service-level strategies. For instance, it can strategically up-sell breakfasts to clients without breakfast-inclusive room bookings, optimizing revenue streams.
  • Comprehensive Packaging and Bundling: Stayify enables limitless packaging and bundling possibilities, allowing hotels to combine accommodation with activities, include restaurant services, and bundle accommodations across multiple properties. Configurability ensures freedom from specific constraints.
  • Flexible Payment Methods: Stayify offers unparalleled flexibility in payment methods, supporting pay-later options, B2B account payments, and dynamic payment configurations based on cart contents.
  • Flexible Payment Alternatives: Catering to diverse business models, Stayify provides company-specific payment alternatives, such as invoicing options tailored for travel agencies and corporate customers.
  • Rule-Based Offers and Experiences: Businesses using Stayify can create specific offers with rule-based criteria, incorporating factors like lengths of stay, days of the week, and other intricate business rules.
  • Comprehensive Integration Coverage: Stayify’s integration covers both bookable and additional services, seamlessly mapping services, categories, rates, and fetching prices, availabilities, restrictions, and taxes directly from MEWS.
  • Enhanced Experience Management: Stayify’s integration extends to experiences with multiple booking rows, combining elements like rooms from MEWS, activities from Stayify, and restaurant bookings from third-party systems. This holistic approach allows hotels to offer a seamless and diversified experience to their guests.

With Stayify, hotels and resorts enhance their Online offerings, sell more and providing a superior guest experience that set new standards in the hospitality industry. Elevate your business with Stayify’s innovative booking engine.

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